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Act Like an Improviser

Live, virtual, hybrid – we are all learning how to navigate multiple environments. This three-part series of 90-minute live virtual events will help you and your team model the culture you want to see and set clear boundaries. Sessions include:

  • PRESENCE – Part I: Virtual Professional Presence – this initial experience explores how we show up virtually and tackles the pitfalls and challenges of virtual presence using interactive exercises that will drive participants to find a presence that is professional and sustainable.
  • SET THE STAGE – Part II: Successful Virtual Teams – this session delves into the science of effective meetings, delegation of duties, keeping your team on-track, and different methodologies for virtual communication. Most important? Being an example of how meetings should work, and when they shouldn’t occur at all.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Part III: Building Perseverance in Times of Change – this final engagement explores how to apply the techniques and behaviors used by professional improvisers to build staying power, resiliency, and trust during times of change. The session also addresses the hormonal and physical changes caused by stress and how they affect the brain and behavior. We reference neuroscience and psychology research to ground our techniques in a way that makes sense, even for skeptics.

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Food for thought:

Those who are socially connected get over the common cold 50% faster than those who are more socially isolated.

  • Dr. Barbara Fredrickson
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