Elevate Your Presence Game

Enhancing presence is critical to managing perception in both your personal and professional life. A person with strong presence is known to be “leadership material.” They’re self-assured, composed, and poised no matter what comes their way. They rise to the top quickly and instill confidence in subordinates, peers, and executive leaders.

Through the application of practical skills and intentional focus techniques, ImprovEdge can help you build personal connections and business successes. Take advantage of our Prescence program and discover:

  • The importance of presence and how it affects you and your colleagues
  • Critical attributes of great leaders with presence
  • Ways to “show up” in formal and impromptu settings
  • How best to use influence when you don’t have access to direct decision-making power
  • Tips and tricks to appear confident, cool, and collected no matter the situation
Rise Up to Every Occasion

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