ImprovEdge Leadership Event

From live on-demand, to live in-person, to previously taped before a live studio audience, ImprovEdge offers variety of super-engaging, results-oriented formats to transform you into the rockstar team member or leader you’re meant to be.

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Put your hands together for an in-person, live-action training event that is action packed with award-winning performances by none other than YOU (and your team). Offering customized workshop content and exercises to meet your unique needs, these events are strategically designed to teach key concepts that can be applied to the real world in real time.


A dynamic, virtual experience that engages participants from start to finish, ImprovEdge Virtual Learning is hands-on fun in a hands-off way. Available on most major virtual platforms, Virtual Learning is a strategically designed, real-time learning experience that helps your people learn the key concepts of improv and how to apply them to their daily activities.


A live workshop experience with multiple ways to experience it. The ImprovEdge Hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds (in-person and virtual formats) to help “get the gang all here.” Dependent on the audio-visual technology in the space available, Hybrid allows participants and/or facilitators to be a part of the action remotely or in person—whichever works best.



Experience video-driven, on-demand, interactive content that helps you harness the power of the ImprovEdge in your own time and space. Designed both to stand alone or supplement live workshop experiences, eLearning affords you the ability to gain a competitive edge when it’s most convenient for you.

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