The Key to Effective Speaking? Focus on Your Audience [VIDEO]


It’s time to put away those tired, old speaking tricks, like picturing your audience in their underwear.

It doesn’t make you a better speaker. And the tactic can actually make you less effective.

Why the old tricks don’t work

Because your focus is on the wrong things, creating distance between you and your audience.

You can prevent this problem by thinking about why the audience is there and what they need.

What you should do instead

Learning about the people to whom you’re speaking is the most important prep work you can do.

You’ll get your point across when you make a real and authentic connection to the audience.

The next time you’re speaking, take the time to do a little research about your audience.

Do they want to learn a new skill?

Are they there because they’re passionate about your topic?

When your focus is on the audience, it won’t be on you. And that will make you less nervous and more able to deliver a fantastic speech.

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Watch the video to find out more reasons why you should keep your focus on your audience.

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Focus on your audience’s goal and make reaching it your priority.

This article is 100% written by a human named Karen Hough. She is the Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge, in the top 4% of women-owned businesses in the US, a 3-time Amazon bestselling author, Yale grad, wife and mom of three.