Boost Your Career AND Have Fun in an ImprovEdge Open Enrollment Class!

Ever wanted to grow your executive presence, and change  –  for the better  –  how people perceive you?

What about your presentation skills? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a systematic program to follow that will finally make your presentations really “powerful.”

Without access to the book, I’ve found that people don’t get this joke. Let’s say powerful.

To be a strong leader and savvy professional, you have to be continuously working on your skills, so you can effectively manage tough conversations and manage change.

Now you can, with ImprovEdge’s Open Enrollment Classes. Over the next few months, we’re holding Open Enrollment Classes on a variety of relevant topics designed to help you move ahead in your career.

Here’s a rundown of the classes, their date and location, as well as a brief description.

But before you read on, you should know that classes fill up fast and tend to sell out quickly.

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Open Class – Presentation Skills: Impact, Authenticity and Improv

Be the Best Presenter Ever! This course integrates easy, powerful techniques so that you walk out in one day able to give skillful, passionate, persuasive presentations!

In addition, you’ll learn concepts and tips from improvisation that allow you to be:

  • More flexible
  • Able to read your audience
  • Able to think on your feet if the unexpected occurs during a presentation.

ImprovEdge will teach you how to integrate the tricks and skills from improv to be more effective, powerful and able to adapt in any situation.

In this course, you will develop your own authentic style and emerge stronger and more effective in any situation, whether it be a formal presentation to 200 people or a critical sit-down with 2 people.

This all-inclusive experience is provided in small rooms of only 9-12 people for maximum learning, hands-on practice and attention from a senior facilitator.

In this intensive, energizing program, we push the boundaries of your capabilities.

  • Fabulous presenter? We turn up your potential.
  • Nervous beginner? We’ll get you comfortable and capable with a myriad of speaking situations.

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Open Class – Managing Tough Conversations: 3-Step System to Positive, Proactive Solutions

This workshop gives you a simple 3-step process for dealing with the most difficult, uncomfortable and sweat-inducing conversations!

You will learn a process full of helpful techniques so that next time you have to tell someone bad news, provide difficult feedback, or ask for something big, you’ll handle it with confidence, control and calm.

This hands-on tool will guide conversations — leading to decisions and actions for positive change.

In addition, you’ll learn concepts and tips from improvisation that allow you to be:

  • More flexible
  • Able to react to unexpected moments
  • Able to think on your feet no matter how the conversation goes
  • More effective, clear-headed and able to adapt in any situation.

This class empowered 1200 leaders from a major pharmaceutical company to tackle tough moments and preserve good relationships at the same time!


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Open Class – Change Management and Innovation: Collaboration, Communication, Results

Change is hard!

People get scared, companies avoid risk, and yet we all have to learn to work with change if we are going to thrive and innovate.

This proven system, the Improv Cycle of Change, based on improvisational techniques to manage the unexpected, stay on your toes and in control, has transformed hundreds of people and teams!

You learn not only how to get through, but also how to move forward to transform and thrive in this intensive learning on change, culture and team engagement.

In the open class, you’ll learn real techniques to be:

  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Able to manage stress during times of intense change.

You’ll learn and apply a 4-step process to engage in as an individual or a team, which will allow you to continue to come up with new ideas, unexpected solutions and remain calm, especially when everything is changing around you.

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This article is 100% written by a human named Karen Hough. She is the Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge, in the top 4% of women-owned businesses in the US, a 3-time Amazon bestselling author, Yale grad, wife and mom of three.