Be a “Bad” Presenter and Break This Rule




These are just a few of the words people usually associate with a good presentation.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

You don’t want to just give a good speech, you want to “wow” the audience, right?

You’ve got to steer away from techniques and practices that help you deliver a polished and well rehearsed presentation, and start giving GREAT presentations!

Stop using techniques to deliver a polished and well-rehearsed presentation, break the rules, and give a GREAT presentation!

And that means breaking all those “traditional” rules.

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These are the kinds of words you want people to use to describe your talk:

  • Authentic.
  • Engaging.
  • Passionate.
  • Effective.

We first covered this topic on Huffington Post, in an article titled “Break This Presentation Rule: Your Purpose Is to Give a Good Presentation.” The blog outlines which rules to break and how to go about it  –  and we received standing ovations for it!

Here’s a recap of the article’s main points.

Break these rules

Typically, speakers are concerned about all the wrong things when delivering a presentation.

Like your slideshow numbers.

Or standing right behind the podium.

Delivering all of your points in order.

Remembering to stay out of the projector’s beam.

But none of these things connect to your true purpose for being there.

Do this instead

If you want to be the best “bad” presenter, you have to first figure out your purpose.

Your “raison d’etre” depends on your audience. What do you want them to walk away from the presentation and do?

Essentially, your presentation’s purpose is the audience’s destination. It’s their “so what.”

A step-by-step guide

Here’s how to identify a purpose for your audience and use it to inform your presentation.


Let your purpose or goal drive your speech and create a more focused presentation.

If a slide doesn’t help support that purpose, get rid of it. Don’t clutter the speech with details that don’t matter and facts that don’t relate to the main purpose.

If you’re delivering a presentation to your superiors and you want your budget increased, keep it focused on your success and how you’d be able to leverage the expanded budget to take the company further. Facts and ideas that don’t relate to this idea don’t belong.

Keep it simple

The best “bad” presenters take the stage having one clear purpose in mind. With that purpose guiding the speech, you can accomplish your goal and help the audience walk away with a tangible, actionable step to take and grow as a person or professional.

Take it to the streets

These rule-breaking tips aren’t just for formal presentations. You can also apply these best-bad-presenter tips for sit-down meetings, small presentations, or anytime you have a gathering that consists of a few people.

Final thoughts




These are the words that people should use to describe your presentation.

Are you ready to be the best bad presenter you can be? Want to leave the shoulds and presenting rules behind you?

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This article is 100% written by a human named Karen Hough. She is the Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge, in the top 4% of women-owned businesses in the US, a 3-time Amazon bestselling author, Yale grad, wife and mom of three.