Case Study: Thompson Hine

Thompson Hine lawyers serve as counselors, advisors and advocates to a full spectrum of clients ranging from major public and private corporations to financial institutions, governments, nonprofit organizations, venture capitalists and individual entrepreneurs.

The Challenge

Their Extended Management Team (EMT) is a group of professionals who ensure the success of the internal functions and business of Thompson Hine.

It was imperative that the EMT set an example for the entire firm of how greater client service, serving both the internal and external client, could immediately and profoundly impact business.

The ImprovEdge Solution

Part 1
Through exercises based on the power of positive, proactive communication, the EMT explored not only effective client communication, but also effective team dynamics. They learned that they had the power to leverage their staff and their colleagues. Best practices were vetted, resources identified and commitments made. Commitments that could be attained to create immediate impact. The team left with clear expectations, goals and a program for future development.

Part 2
6 months later, ImprovEdge returned to measure the success of the program and lead the team through tougher exercises. Everyday managerial challenges were simulated for practice and improvement. The team also learned to leverage their strengths as a cohesive team and pursue further goals.

How The Solution Can Work For You

Satisfaction is mediocrity.

You don’t want satisfied clients, you want ecstatic ones, because true client service breeds loyalty. We begin by asking, “Who is your client? Internal associates or external customers?” Perhaps it’s both. By delving deeply into serving clients’ needs, and committing to action, we explore how to grow loyal advocates – not just satisfied buyers.