Case Study: Legg Mason

With over 3,000 employees, $670 billion in assets under management, and 31 worldwide locations, Legg Mason assists clients in making strong investment decisions.

The Challenge

Although Legg Mason’s unique, complex structure created an effective business strategy, the brand’s culture and narrative were not clearly understood throughout the company.

For business development, salespeople not only needed to learn, adopt and share a consistent story, they needed to believe in it, too.

The ImprovEdge Solution

Through interactive in-person small-group workshops, ImprovEdge worked with over 1,300 salespeople, giving them a greater sense of confidence, conviction and consistency in telling the Legg Mason story.

The workshops informed participants about the Legg Mason brand, and enabled them to learn and practice telling the company’s value proposition in their own way. By playing, collaborating, and contributing in each exercise, participants formulated an authentic pitch of Legg Mason’s story. This ability enabled salespeople to approach potential opportunities with ease, and strengthened the Legg Mason brand overall.

How The Solution Can Work For You

Creativity + Practical Application = Innovation.

When facing a company-wide challenge, developing a new initiative, or managing change, don’t simply hope your company will get it. Company members need to be shown. Encouraging them to take part in the process ensures they understand their part in the company. When they take ownership of the project, they buy-in to the vision.