Case Study: Biopharmaceutical

A biopharmaceutical research company dedicated to the development of treatments for human disease. More than 750-employees strong, the company has validated more than 90 potential drug targets.

The Challenge

After its first formative decade, the company now has an infrastructure, process and team that has proved effective and innovative.

The CEO and executive management team, recognizing this crucial “in-between” period, wanted to make sure that the focus and skills of the officers and leaders of the company were consistent and ready to manage the next phase of growth and development. Sort of like being an 11-year-old, that’s ready to be a teenager and eventually, and adult.

The ImprovEdge Solution

ImprovEdge created a day-long retreat that addressed the crucial importance of positive communication, consistency in management, and finding inspiration in the company’s Vision.

The team of 60 worked as a large group in exploring the basics of effective communication. They then spent the afternoon in 4 smaller teams that rotated through diverse stations. Each station challenged participants to interact and explore opportunities they had to individually impact the future of the company. All this was wrapped in the understanding that although the company was “growing up,” it wanted to maintain the youthful energy and innovation that was its hallmark. Participants commented that the day was positive, inspiring and thought-provoking.

How The Solution Can Work For You

Is your organization on the brink of the next great thing?

Are your managers, officers and leaders aware that it is their responsibility to move the company into the future? Is it time to embrace the next level of maturity? ImprovEdge will give your team a common language and energy to address opportunity – even if you’re at that in-between stage.