Building Resiliency

How to Build Resilience, Adapt to Obstacles, and Thrive

Physical, emotional, and mental fitness are the factors that drive resilience. We’ll cover these factors, their impact on life and work, and how to create more resilience.  You’ll learn techniques from the improvisation stage to put to use immediately so you can bounce back quickly and move forward from any setback without missing a beat.

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience and will vary depending on which training format you select and will cover:

  • What resiliency is, why you need it, and how to create more of it
  • The role of acceptance in building resilience
  • A fresh perspective on how to remain healthy and calm
  • Adjusting your view to look at setbacks and issues as learning platforms
  • How to collaborate and reach out so that you don’t feel isolated

This topic is based on our Amazon® Best Selling book, Go With It, Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change, by ImprovEdge CEO, Karen Hough.

Food for thought:

Those who are socially connected get over the common cold 50% faster than those who are more socially isolated.

  • Dr. Barbara Fredrickson
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