Women’s Leadership Academy

Growth, Advocacy, and Improv Skills To Prepare Women to Lead, Succeed, and Create Great Careers

This is a comprehensive leadership development program. Our multi-layered approach to development is about building awareness, goals, skills, and support. Cohorts of women work together not only to improve themselves, but also improve their organization through projects, networking, and “pay it forward” activities. By immersing themselves in a program over a period of time, they explore both tactical and strategic ways to be the best version of themselves.

What’s different about the ImprovEdge program? 

Our improv core allows us to be highly flexible and meet the needs of the specific participants in each program. In addition, we ask the participants to engage in becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptable.  They learn the importance of thinking on their feet as a leader, how to improvise when things get tough, and how to leverage the power of a strong team and network.

This flexible 3-12 month program is intensely interactive and includes:

  • Live and virtual workshops
  • Executive sponsorship and engagement
  • One-on-one assessments (such as MBTI, Pro-D, Insights, Strengths, etc…)
  • Sub-groups to work on a project to sole an organization issue that they will present at the finale of the program
  • Lots of “on your feet” exercises to practice new skills

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Women in Business:
  • S&P 1500 Top Management – only 10%
  • S&P 1500 Board Seats – 19%
  • Top Earners in their Industry – just 11%
  • Yet, women have held more degrees and college campus spots since 1988.

This program equipped me with the concepts, understanding and techniques which could be applied to succeed in current gender unequal environment.

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