Leading Virtual Teams

How to Show Up Successfully and Powerfully in a Virtual World

How to Show Up Successfully and Powerfully in a Virtual World

There’s never been a more important time to show up well. Leaders and team members need to understand how to leverage virtual platforms effectively, how to use technology, and how to show up with presence and credibility to clients and colleagues.

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience, will vary depending on which training format you select, and will cover:

  • Foundational principles of managing technology and the environment to look professional
  • How to effectively communicate in a virtual environment and the role of your attitude, your words, and your body language
  • Important yet overlooked differences in showing up virtually vs in-person
  • Tips for remaining positive and motivating so your team feels fully engaged and heard
  • How to engage team members who may be across different time zones

This topic, and so much more, is inspired by our book, Be The Best Bad Presenter Ever, Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over, by ImprovEdge CEO, Karen Hough.

Food for thought:

Whether it’s a couple or a work team, connected people trust each other. Trust is the glue that holds people together through good times and bad.

  • Megan Tschannen-Moran, Founder, LifeTrek International

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