Innovate and Embrace the Unexpected

Immerse your team in a high-energy, hands-on exploration of innovation, creativity and how to drive successful outcomes in any organization. Our choices about how we interact, live, question, play and think are the building blocks to every innovation – and if we want more and better innovation, we need to improvise.

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience and will vary depending on which training format you select and will cover:

  • Core principles of improvisation that exist in high performing teams and how to apply them in yours
  • Exercises and practice dealing with the stress of change while staying positive and innovative
  • 3 techniques to foster small innovations at the front line immediately

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This topic is based on our Amazon® Best Selling book, Go With It, Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change, by ImprovEdge CEO, Karen Hough.

Food for thought:

Although 84% of executives agree that innovation is important to growth strategy, only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance.

  • McKinsey Global Innovation Survey

I am still practicing what ImprovEdge taught me, even more so now. Just last week I was in a healthy discussion in a group setting and one the folks kept saying ‘I hear you but…,’ and I kept saying ‘ I can see your point AND…’ I purposely polled the audience visually and I can truly tell that the AND word conveyed a positive tone and as such their reaction was more positive towards me … (Not to rub it in, but I ended up convincing the decision makers to support my recommendations.)

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