Gender and Negotiation

Pitfalls, Advantages, and Improv

Give your team an intensive experience in the statistical gender pitfalls for women who are at the negotiation table, what to do about it, and how to leverage women’s strengths for better negotiation outcomes.

Participants engage in a high-energy look at gender differences in the arena of negotiation. They will learn important negotiation tactics, negotiation myths, and the unexpected value of women’s style in effective compromise.

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience and will vary depending on which training format you select and will cover:

  • The 3 statistical disadvantages encountered by women at the negotiation table
  • Common negotiation advantages that women forget to leverage
  • How to avoid common gender pitfalls
  • 3 strategies to recover and manage if taken by surprise
  • New ways to leverage the strength of women’s collaborative nature

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This topic, and so much more, is covered in our blog.

Food for thought:

2.5 times more women than men said they feel “a great deal of apprehension” about negotiating. Men initiate negotiations about four times as often as women.

The improv made this session memorable. I know that will help people remember the lessons learned.

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