Change Management

Go With It, Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change

The Cycle of Change, which is based on four foundational improv techniques, will radically and immediately improve collaboration and your team’s ability to manage changes. Improvisors think on their feet and manage extremely well in risky situations. The techniques that improvisors use to think on their feet and manage the unexpected are the same skills that create incredible resilience and build trust in the workplace, especially during a time of change. Your people learn not only how to get through change, they move forward to transform and thrive.

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience and will vary depending on which training format you select and will cover:

  • The neuroscience of change and how people react
  • Four ways to rethink, reconsider, and have a fresh approach to the unexpected
  • How to enhance connections and relationships that enable efficient change management
  • How to make new connections, especially when managing both structural and day-to- day change
  • Skills for active listening, pausing assumptions, and collaborating in the moment

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This topic is based on our Amazon® Best Selling book, Go With It, Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change, by ImprovEdge CEO, Karen Hough.

Food for thought:

Change management techniques ensure that a project is 6x more likely to meet benchmarks.

ImprovEdge has brought a whole new way of thinking to both my Marketing Department and our Executive Committee. They know how to bring creativity to an exceptional new level and get a team to really think ‘outside the box.’ Their approach is both fun and innovative! This workshop exceeded my expectations.

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