Beyond Bias

Awareness, Understanding, and Change: Exploring How Bias Works and How To Reduce its Harmful Effects in the Workplace

By identifying the role of cognitive bias in our decision making, we can change the way we behave, lead teams, and collaborate as an organization. Shed light on bias and explore ways to solve the problem of bias in the workplace.

The ImprovEdge approach creates space for an immersive experience addressing unconscious bias, provides tools for change, and creates a safe place for practicing new skills.

Specific learning outcomes will be personalized for your audience and will vary depending on which training format you select and will cover:

  • Defining and understanding cognitive bias and its impact on productivity
  • Examining the negative impact bias has on talent retention and organizational growth
  • Exploring the challenges faced in reversing implicit bias and cognitive exercises to assist in creating genuine change
  • Practicing a series of techniques to have difficult conversations with authenticity and improve our everyday interactions

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This topic and so much more is covered in our blog.

Food for thought:

Workplace diversity leads to innovation. Inclusive companies are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market.

Very fun! It opened my eyes to other biases other people face and experience and I learned to be a better ally.

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