Enhance the long-term value of your clients by moving your sales team from “transaction focus” to “relationship building.” Take your Sales Team’s performance to the next level by complementing their technical expertise with the ImprovEdge Consultative Sales Training Model – communication and human behavioral skills that build and deepen relationships. In this program we teach and apply the foundational principles of improvisation and a model for engaging and building relationships that creates the opportunities to deliver solutions. Think in a whole new way about communication styles on your team and how they can build trust and influence with internal and external clients.

Our five-step framework will help you:
  • Leverage a consultative mindset to build relationships
  • Approach every deal from multiple perspectives - the big picture, and the tactical steps
  • Engage clients with an integrated multi-touch approach to create full-circle moments that deepen relationships
  • Offer solutions through compelling use of data and stories
  • Elevate capabilities in communication and clarity of message – virtually and in-person
Create a Lasting Impression

Let’s improvise!

Reach out to learn how ImprovEdge training experiences deliver the biggest impact in the shortest time.

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