Get ready to push the boundaries of your current capabilities and fill your toolbox with the skills needed to make a positive, lasting impression—no matter the setting or the size of the audience.

Our intensive and energizing Facilitator Training program will ground you in the principles of improvisation and get you comfortable and capable with a variety of facilitation experiences. Our “play-with-purpose” model is designed to ensure your team takes away clear strategies for behavior change and leaves ample time for discussion, practice, and reflection.

Apply the skills of professional improvisors and you’ll be able to:

  • Dynamically engage with audiences of two to 2,000 people
  • Use positive language and non-verbal behaviors to build influence
  • Build confidence by delivering a consistent message
  • Improvise during unexpected moments
Create a Lasting Impression

Let’s improvise!

Reach out to learn how ImprovEdge training experiences deliver the biggest impact in the shortest time.

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